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Additional Services 

Below is a list of additional services available singularly or in conjunction with consultations and package offers. These services are available to enhance your treatment and assist with patient education to help you achieve optimal health and wellbeing! 

Kitchen Clean Out - Fridge and Pantry Makeover 
1.5 hours - $120
  • De-clutter and sort through your home pantry  
  • Understanding ingredients, reading labels and recognising nasties
  • Fridge and pantry essentials list
  • Recipe lists and how to's suited for you and the family 
  • Food storage for freshness
  • Creating a beautiful space and atmosphere to enjoy cooking at home
Supermarket Shopping Tour 
1 hour - $100
  • Navigating the supermarket to make informed choices 
  • Reading labels and understanding the ingredient list 
  • Kitchen essentials for everyday use at home 
  • Nutritious brands too look out for
  • Choosing healthy snacks and meal ideas/inspiration
  • Cooking and meal preparation demonstrations and tips   
BIA- Bio-Impedence Analysis 
30 min - $30
  • A snap shot of your current physical make up - an accurate method to assess your current body composition 
  • A useful tool to track and measure your progress in addition to your nutritional assessment  
  • BIA scales measure body fat in relation to lean body mass
  • A useful tool in weight management 
Nutritional Analysis - 3-day food analysis and detailed report
30 mins - $100
  • A comprehensive nutritional analysis using clinical nutrition software 
  • A detailed analysis of your current consumption of nutrients in your diet with macro and micro nutrients calculated, outlining suggested excesses and deficiencies
  • Detailed report findings and nutritionist analysis presented with relevant recommendations to support you
Customised Meal Plans
1hour - $100
  • For some, meal plans are the most efficient way to assist and encourage a healthier lifestyle 
  • Individualised and family meal plans to suit your budget, tastes, lifestyle and food requirements
  • Save time and money, avoid poor food choices, be prepared and reduce stress and anxiety around meal times
  • Meals that are nourishing and enjoyable
Workshops & Group Wellness
  • Customised health and wellness education 
  • Learn new tools and skills to implement in your daily life to achieve optimal health 
  • Cooking classes and interactive workshops
  • Practical, simple and achievable nutrition 
If you would like one of these Additional Services included in your session please let me know at the time of booking or within the consultation!
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