Initial Consultation

  • Face-to-face OR online consultations

  • Comprehensive Holistic Health Assessment - Exploring current and past health concerns

  • Individualised treatment plan - achievable and realistic goals are set addressing diet, lifestyle and prescribing of nutritional supplementation (if needed) 

  • Patient education, tools and skills

  • Empowerment and Motivation

$140.00 | 90 min

Follow Up Consultation

  • Face-to-face OR online consultations

  • Progress Examination - challenges, successes, likes and dislikes - actively tweaking the treatment plan to address your goals and create new ones 

  • Continued education, guidance and motivation

  • On going support and accountability

$100.00 | 60 min


  • The ULTIMATE way to work with me to regain control of your health and radiate with vitality!

  • Customised to your needs and preferences 

  • Additional accountability and support 

  • Access to my vault of nutrition resources and more

Individual price

Additional services

  • Kitchen Clean Out - fridge and pantry makeover

  • Supermarket Shopping Tour 

  • BIA- Bio-Impedence Analysis 

  • Nutritional Analysis - 3-day food analysis and detailed report

  • Meal Plans

  • Workshops & Group Wellness

Individual price

Corporate health & Wellness

  • Dynamic and individualised programs, group workshops and one-on-one interventions for busy and stressed individuals 

  • Aim to increase productivity and perfromance

  • Practical, achievable and effective nutritional strategies  

  • Education, tools and skills to implement in the workplace

Individual price

Health Design Services

  • Do you need help with writing content and design for your blogs, website, newsletters, opt-ins , ebooks and more? 

  • I can help you communicate your message and generate exciting and inviting content for your audience.

  • I have a background in design and would love to help you share your health message to the world!

Individual price

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