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The 3 Biggest Mistakes That Are Made When It Comes Sustainable Weightloss...Just press play!

The 3 Biggest Mistakes That Are Made When It Comes Sustainable Weightloss

If you are ready to un-diet and have the support needed to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way I can help you and here's how...

It's via my signature program Back On Track. It's an 8- week holistic weight loss program to help you lose stubborn kg's plus gain the knowledge and habits for a healthier life. 

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An 8-week holistic weight loss program to help you lose stubborn kg's plus gain the knowledge and habits for a healthier life.

Imagine this day, in 8 weeks time:

  • You’re feeling happy with how you look and feel

  • You’re radiating with confidence

  • You’re full of energy

  • You’re motivated, on track and kicking goals 

  • You’re feeling healthy and fit 

Sounds good right? 


That’s why I created Back on Track. An 8 week holistic weight loss program addressing the fundamentals of health that are holding you back from reaching your weight loss goals.


The aim of Back on Track is to lose a set of symptoms we associate with our weight and address any underlying health problems on the journey. This program is not a diet, it is a way of life. I will set you up for success and long term healthy change.


This 8-week program will teach you the foundation of sustainable weight loss and long-term weight management. I am here to guide and support you throughout this journey via a holistic approach to weight loss. 

Over 8-weeks you will: 

  • Lose 3-5kgs in a holistic and healthy way

  • Un-diet and learn how to eat exactly for you 

  • Receive expert guidance and personalised weekly action plans

  • set SMART and achievable goals

  • Address the foundations of health that are holding you back from losing weight 

  • Understand the importance of stress management, creating healthy habits and supporting your body to optimize your weight loss

  • Feel empowered, motivated and ready to take action 

  • Be help accountable each week

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Onboarding - 

A comprehensive new client questionnaire and 1 week diet diary so we can begin at full speed. 

The Initial Consultation - 90mins

An in-depth review to create a picture of what is going on  (review of body systems, current dietary analysis, food habits and lifestyle assessment, current pathology) and define your health goals. From this information, a personalised treatment plan will be formulated as a basis of your 8 week journey to achieve your goals.


Weekly Sessions - 30min each

Receive 1-to-1 individualised guidance throughout this program to feel motivated, empowered and confident in reaching your weight loss goals. We will tweak and alter your treatment to create actionable steps to reach your weight loss goal. A form will be provided prior to each weekly session. 


Accountability and Support - via WhatsApp

For when you need feedback and support between sessions. I will be your personal nutritionist for 8 weeks holding you accountable and keeping you motivated. 


Actionable Resources and Workbooks -

To support you in your weight loss journey.

View the PROGRAM OUTLINE here. 


Choose a payment option that suits you: 

  • Payment in full (save $200) $1000.00

  • Payment plan - 4 payments of $300.00

Book your FREE 20 min program information call HERE!.

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