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The Initial Consultation & Follow Up

Step 1: The Initial Consultation 

The Initial Consultation explores your current and past health concerns, through an in-depth review of different body systems, a current dietary intake, food habits and lifestyle assessment.


From this information collected a personalized treatment plan is formed to address your primary concern. Your treatment plan is an achievable guide to reach your health goals and includes dietary advice, food suggestions or plans, nutritional supplementation if needed and lifestyle recommendations.


You will work closely with me to set both achievable and realistic goals relevant to your health concerns, ensure your understanding and how to do it! See below for a break down of session costs & inclusions.


Step 2: Follow-Up Consultation 

A Follow-Up Consultation approximately 2 weeks after your initial appointment will address how the you went went with the initial treatment plan, any challenges or successes, loves or hates. This session will continue to address the your primary health concern, actively tweaking and altering to your goals and ensuring the use of diet as the primary means of intervention. See below for a break down of session costs & inclusions.

The number of consultations that follow, will depend on you and your health goals and can be scheduled accordingly. Each an every person is different therefore your treatment is customised to your specific needs! 



  • 90 mins

  • $140 

  • Face-to-face OR online consultations

  • Comprehensive Holistic Health Assessment - Exploring current and past health concerns

  • Individualised treatment plan - achievable and realistic goals are set addressing diet, lifestyle and prescribing of nutritional supplementation (if needed) 

  • Patient education, tools and skills

  • Empowerment and Motivation!

  • Plus these optional ADD ON'S are available! 

  • 60 mins

  • $100

  • Face-to-face OR online consultations

  • Progress Examination - challenges, successes, likes and dislikes - actively tweaking the treatment plan to address your goals and create new ones! 

  • Further sustainable dietary modifications

  • Continued education, guidance and motivation! 

  • Plus these optional ADD ON'S are available! 


Confused as to where to get started? Book your FREE 20min discovery call HERE!


The Kick-Starter
1x Initial Consultation

1x Follow Up Consultation

$200 (save $40)

The Booster


1x Initial Consultation

2x Follow Up Consultation

$300 (save $40)

The Value Pack


1x Initial Consultation

4x Follow Up Consultation

$480 (save $40)

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