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Health Design Services

As you may be able to tell... I am a qualified Nutritionist AND I also have a passion for design and content creation. In fact, before started my Nutrition journey I studied design and completed a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts at Sydney Uni. ​I am so passionate about design and LOVE being creative, so to accommodate both joys, I am proud to offer design services to health professionals. I am so excited you're on this page and would love to discuss the design support and services you need so that it is in line with your unique brand and messaging.

I have a keen eye for detail and love creating simple, engaging and aesthetically pleasing content to convey, educate and inform health messages to the world!


Canva Queen​

I design social media posts, clinic handouts and infographics, flyers, recipe cards and guides, worksheets and workbooks. I use Canva and you or I  can provide images and content in line with your branding to share your unique message. 


Health Copywriting

I write engaging, evidence-based content for health professionals from blog posts, newsletters, opt-ins and ebooks. I can help generate exciting and inviting content for your audience.  

Prices vary depending on each individual project. I have an hourly rate of $45.00/hour and for larger projects or ongoing blog or newsletter creation, I offer a package fee. Like nutrition consulting, projects are individualised and the price differs depending on the complexity of the task. Let's chat and receive your quote today! 

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