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Corporate Health: Nutrition in the Workplace 

Corporate health programs are designed to support and nourish busy, time poor individuals to cultivate healthy habits, increase productivity and performance, reduce stress and improve overall vitality in the workplace. Alex Joy Nutrition prides itself on informed holistic patient care through the use of science and evidenced based treatments via digital and face-to-face consultations providing support, mentorship and guidance. 


(Mini Health Screenings)

These are private 1-to-1 consultations to work closely with employees to reach their health goals. An individual health screening is performed to encourage long term change through simple, practical and realistic nutrition in the comfort of your office.


  • Brief 30 minute consultations

  • Discuss individuals (monthly) health goals 

  • Work together to actively reach proposed health goals 

  • Body and lifestyle questionnaire 

  • Dietary assessment and makeover

  • Individualised treatment guide provided after the session

  • Practical resources, recipes and recommendations 

  • Support, empowerment and motivation

  • Accountability – Revisit employees after 1 month to assess what worked and didn’t, and recognize the steps to move forward (health challenge) (*Optional)

  • BMI, weight, height and waist circumference measures available to track and measure progress (extra 5mins) 



These sessions offer practical nutrition advice to employees that initiate tangible behavioural and mindset changes, resulting in increased productivity and focus in the workplace. A Meet and Munch offers an intimate experience to ensure your staff get valuable personalised nutrition takeaways. There are two key ways I can help transform your employees from exhausted to energised: 

1. Meet and Munch with a Nutritionist 



  • Sessions are 45mins in length and are designed to be held in the lunch break, so it should not impact business priorities

  • At your office or requested location

  • 3-8 people per session for maximum value gained and individual support



  • Session topics are guided by what your employees want help with and involve an engaging presentation, resources to take home and an intimate space for Q & As

  • Attendees will have the opportunity to get their current nutrition challenges addressed and walk away with new found practical knowledge and the tools/skills to implement it

    • Popular topics include:

      • How what you eat may be making you stressed (+ what to do about it)

      • How to eat for more clarity, focus and concentration

      • How to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep 

      • How to optimise your digestive health for optimal health 

2. Interactive Workshops 


  • Interactive workshops offer practical solutions to real everyday nutrition problems that employees face in the work place aka the struggles of remaining healthy and working in an office 8+ hours a day

  • At your office or specified location 
  • 3-8 people per session for maximum value gained and individual support



  • Practical and engaging workshops 

  • Nutritionist top tips, hacks and hints to help you make healthy choices daily 

    • Popular workshops include:​

      • Cafe Walk - Where and what to order around your workplace 

      • Office Snack Hacks - Quick and easy snacks for the office kitchen & 5 min lunches to assemble at work (Demonstration included) 

      • Supermarket Haul - Super snacks to fill your desk with, quick and healthy meal go-to's 

Get in touch today to explore the endless opportunities for you and your team! 




1 x Session - 45 minute


Includes pre session phone call, 1 x 45 minute session at office or requested location, all handouts and resources provided to staff within the session. Post session 10 min feedback call to management. 

3 X Sessions - 45 minute per session


Includes pre session phone call, 3 x 45 minute sessions at office or requested location, all handouts and resources provided to staff within the session. Post session 10 min feedback call to management.



 - Client's I Have Worked With 

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